Baby food taste test

I was at work the other day preparing food for a baby, as I opened the jar and tipped out the food into a bowl, I watched this gelatinous mush plop into the bowl. It literally plopped in, I thought to myself “ Eww that looks foul, I wonder what it tastes like.” Then it occurred to me that I should do a taste test of baby food and see what we’re actually feeding these kids. I didn’t try her food, I thought I would wait.

So I enlisted the help of my friend Amanda (She didn’t know what she had coming!), I went out and selected 6 jars of baby food. I didn’t spend much time looking at the ingredients because I wanted it to be a relatively blind taste test. I covered the labels and named them 1-6. We looked at the texture, smell and of course taste. Well we were definitely surprised, maybe not pleasantly..


So here’s how it went.

Number 1: Pumpkin, Potato and Beef by Only Organic

Opening the jar we saw an orange mash that had a film of oil on top. The smell of the food was the first thing that hit us, it was like a mixture of rotten egg and a really bad fart. We braved the smell and tasted. It was awful! We picked up a strong potato taste, herbs, rice and some sort of meat. We couldn’t pick the meat but it seemed to have a fishy after taste. The texture was bad as well, it was watery and lumpy, it sounds crazy but you could definitely taste a processed flavour. We both were expecting a home cooked flavour but ended up with something that smelled like a rotten egg fart and dog food. Neither of us would feed that to another human! Rating: *


Number 2: Pumpkin, Potato and Beef by Heinz 100% Natural

When we opened this jar, luckily there was no oily film but it also had that same smell of dog food. Needless to say after the first one we were very reluctant to try it. It had a much smoother texture and slightly sweeter. We could taste sweet potato and a meaty taste. It was palatable and in an emergency we would feed it to a baby. It wasn’t good but it was ok. Rating ***


Number 3: Peas and Zucchini by Heinz 100% Natural

Once again this one smelled like the previous two, Amanda and I weren’t looking forward to this watery green looking one. Straight away we picked the taste of peas but could not identify the other flavours. We tossed around basil or herbs but couldn’t pick it. Neither of us tasted any meat. It was still pretty horrible and would not feed it to a baby. Rating **


Number 4: Pasta Bolognese by Baby Macro

This one came in a squeeze packet, I think the best part of this one was when Amanda tried to smell it and wasn’t expecting anything to come out when she lightly squeezed it which resulted in smearing of food on her clothes.  This one had a strong smell of tomatoes and herbs. Straight away we picked up a Bolognese taste. The texture was ok and in an emergency we would feed it to a baby. Rating ***


For some reason this one kept uploading upside down

Number 5: Fruit Muesli by Only Organic

This one smelt straight away of apples and cinnamon, however it looked like ground garlic! We had a slight difference on opinion on this one. We both picked up the taste of apples and cinnamon; however it took us a few minutes to pin down another flavour. The only thing we could come up with was under ripe banana. I found it had an odd after taste of plants. It had a smooth texture but had apple chunks. Neither of us picked up that there was muesli in it. Rating: Me: ** Amanda ***


Number 6: Apple, Banana and Peach by Rafferty’s Garden

This one looked like custard and smelt like pears. We were so surprised with it flavour. It was divine. It has a silky smooth texture and we could taste the banana and couldn’t decide between apple or pear. Turns out it was the peach that was throwing us off. This was only one we actually finished and came to the conclusion that we would buy this for ourselves as well as any future child. Rating *****


I can’t show you what it looked like because we ate it all

What did we achieve by this taste test? Having never actually tried baby food as an adult I was so curious to know what they tasted like. Would I do it again? No way! When a baby comes into my life I think I’ll be making my own food. I know people can run out of time to make it, but it works out much cheaper than buying jars of it, and frankly if I wouldn’t eat it then I’m certainly not feeding it to my child.

A huge THANK YOU to Amanda for helping me today, I think you deserve a drink! Now I know I can call on you to try all sorts of weird or wonderful foods (insert evil laugh here)! Let me know if you have any suggestions for foods that you would like me to taste test!


15 minutes? More like 45 and whole lot of dishes!

I love the food that Jamie Oliver cooks and I love his series on 15 minute meals but when I try to do it, it takes at least 45 minutes. I love the concept that you can cook a meal for a family in such a short amount of time, but it doesn’t always end up this way.

For starters, I don’t have an appliance that slices everything for me so I have to do it by hand.  Second, I can’t chop things that fast so what an appliance can do in a few seconds, takes me probably 10 minutes.

I also don’t have big wooden boards to serve everything on, while they look fantastic, it’s just not an option for me. Where am I going to put them? My kitchen is tiny and I don’t have the money to go out and buy large wooden boards to serve my food on. So while he ends up with practically no dishes, I now have used everything. Thank god for dishwashers!

I guess I’m just not a very fast cook. I always thought that in time my knife skills would get faster, and they did to a certain extent, but I have an issue with pushing it faster. I don’t particularly want to lose a finger!

Now because everything is taking so long I start to get frantic and stressed and the end result? Something that resembles eggs on toast.


Time to get excited, tomorrows recipes is Roast Pork!

I won’t be doing that again any time soon


I thought to myself today “hmm I feel like a toastie, haven’t had one in ages”. So I looked in the cupboard and because today was grocery shopping day but I hadn’t done it yet, there wasn’t much. I opted for creamed corn and cheese.

I prepared everything and started cooking this great toastie, by this stage my mouth was watering and I was all of sudden starving. Being the impatient person that I am I let it sit for only a couple of minutes after.

First bite was fantastic, second bite was still good, third bite the filling oozed out. Spitting the food out and running for water screaming “the cheese is like molten lava!”  I did learn my lesson and shoved the whole thing in the freezer and well I forgot about it.

I took it out and it was an ice block. So I put it in the microwave to heat up.

Taking the next bite a bit more oozed out and fell on my chest, it was molten again. Needless to say I now have a blister from my molten creamed corn and cheese mixture and it’s in the bin. I lost my appetite after that.

So I sit here with a blister on my chest and blisters in my mouth, moral of the story? We all make mistakes but thank god no one was home to witness the molten lava, creamed corn and cheese event!